A Comprehensive Program of Support for Parents of Children Returning from Residential Care


Your child has made significant strides in residential treatment. Now it is time to prepare for a successful return home – one that sustains the gains without a retreat to the problems of the past. HomeSPACE is here to assist you, your child, and your family with this transition.

Created by a team of consultants who specialize in treating troubled young people, HomeSPACE is a comprehensive program designed to support caregivers’ efforts to help their children achieve a positive and peaceful return home from residential care. Its services include pre-discharge planning and post-discharge training, personal consultation, parent coaching, and consultation with local therapists and schools. All services are provided by consultants and professional parent coaches. Through an emphasis on active parent involvement, thoughtful coordination of services, and a trauma-informed focus on building healthy attachments, HomeSPACE is designed to accomplish three essential goals:

  1. Help caregivers strengthen their long-term support of returning children through a shift from traditional parenting to Therapeutic Parenting.
  2. Coordinate the work of parents with local therapists, schools and other professionals to establish a consistent, shared approach to ongoing treatment.
  3. Guide returning children as they continue their personal growth, reconnect with their families, and reintegrate with their communities.

HomeSPACE was developed by House Calls Behavioral Health, a nationally known provider of services to young people and families who are learning to cope with the negative impact of abuse, neglect, and disrupted relationships. It is informed by current neurobiological research, by the pioneering work of Bruce Perry and other leaders in the repair of early childhood trauma, and by the extensive experience of the staff at House Calls in providing attachment-focused services to children, teens, parents, and families.

The HomeSPACE program, the consultants and parent coaches who implement it, and the broader work of House Calls Behavioral Health are all informed by the conviction that even the most troubled of our youth can discover the joys of stronger connection, better behavior, and greater self-worth.