Our Services

Happy family of five together at homeWe believe that good mental health and emotional security for one person, couple, or family benefits all of society. We believe that children and youth are a vital resource; their vulnerability must never be overlooked, nor their potential underestimated.

We provide:

  • In-home Psychotherapy
  • Attachment-focused Psychotherapy
  • Individual, Couple & Family Psychotherapy
  • Parent Support & Training
  • Workshops & Training

We see our role as providing education, tools and insights to individuals, couples, and families; we work with children youth and adults.

We are creative and use a variety of treatment approaches with those we help because each of us learns about our strengths and how to use them in our own, unique way.

We find, often, that once the initial reasons for entering into psychotherapy are resolved, the people with whom we work can engage in a process of self-exploration to heal relational wounds with longer-standing implications.

We aim to provide treatment in the least number of sessions possible, to help people resolve their problems by using their strengths, and to prepare them to do so independently in the future.

We commit, bottom line, to being your partners in healing until you are satisfied we have achieved a positive, outcome.