Billy Kaplan on The Woodbury Report Podcast

March 30th, 2015

Billy portraitIn a conversation about therapeutic parenting and the upcoming Parenting in SPACE conference, Billy Kaplan told Lon Woodbury and Liz McGhee, the host and co-hosts of the Woodbury Report podcast, that parents who attended the conference in the past left it feeling hopeful, though they came to the conferences feeling despondent.

Billy also told his hosts that therapeutic parents follows “Rule 167.” “There are 168 hours in each week. So if the child or youth is in therapy for one hour, the other 167 are on the parent,” Billy said. That’s why the conference helps parents make the shift from traditional parenting to therapeutic parenting.

Woodbury Reports, Inc. was founded in November 1989, by Lon Woodbury, MA, IECA, CEP, as an Independent Educational Consulting firm to help parents of teens making poor decisions select a private, parent choice program that would help return the family to normalcy. Liz McGhee is Director of Admissions for Sandhill Child Development Center.