For New Moms

May 12th, 2010

While pregnancy and new motherhood are usually considered happy occasions, in reality, many women experience feelings of overwhelming sadness, anxiety, inadequacy and guilt during this period of intense transition.

Psychotherapy can be helpful at this time in addition to support from dads, family and friends. Sometimes a professional from outside the family can reduce the stress of everyone involved. Pregnancy and postpartum emotional difficulties can be very serious, but they are clearly treatable. We help women prevent or recover from their symptoms with information, support, and, when necessary, referrals for medication. For many women, the feelings of validation and understanding that we provide can be quite healing.

So we come to pregnant women and new moms with the help they deserve, in the most comfortable and convenient place of all – their own homes. Because we come to the homes of pregnant women and new moms, we believe our services may especially be helpful for women who are on bed-rest due to a high risk pregnancy, women who are overwhelmed by the symptoms of depression, women who are unable to find childcare to go to an appointment, and women who find the needs of a newborn child make it nearly impossible to leave the home.

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