For Parents

toddler with father riding bikeParenting can be a lot like guiding a canoe on a fast-moving river. Imagine the canoe as your child and paddling the canoe as your practice of parenting that child on an ever developing, ever-changing river known as your child’s world.

Now imagine what you can do:

1. Do nothing. Let your canoe drift in whatever direction and at whatever pace it wants. You’ll likely end up running into tree limbs, getting stuck on rocks, or capsizing. And odds are you’ll suffer at least a few good scratches.

2. Go slower than the river. Work to hold the canoe back from moving forward along the river. You’ll have to paddle backwards to do this and work against the river’s flow, but you can slow the boat down and try to make it in reverse, against the river. But that takes great strength that must be maintained almost constantly. It’s a lot of hard work that just really isn’t enjoyable.

3. Go faster than the river. Keep paddling, steer the canoe away from rocks, and you can enjoy the ride of the canoe, you can feel a sense of control over the river, and you can experience many wonderful moments. You and the canoe can feel easy and take pleasure in the ride.

We understand how challenging it is to raise children and teens. Sometimes their behavior requires great skill in the art of parenting — if for no other reason than for parents and caregivers to maintain their own sanity.

We combine our skills as therapists and educators to provide customized Parent Coaching. We develop programs for individuals, couples and families after we’ve had a chance to see parents with their kids. Then we review what we’ve observed – strengths as a parent and areas where growth in parenting skills can target a child’s behaviors.

The psychotherapists of House Calls Counseling have created a variety of articles on parenting and other relevant matters that you can peruse here on our blog, as well as through other pages in this section of our website.

Our workshop, “My Kids are Driving Me Crazy!” we teach parents how to move faster than the river. We describe concrete, useful skills to help them feel and be successful at the most important job of all – being a parent. We have provided this workshop to groups of parents and others in their homes, in child welfare agencies, in schools, and in their spiritual communities. We tailor the workshop to meet the needs and concerns of each community. We can arrange for a brief one-hour overview, a more in-depth workshop of up to three hours, or a complete workshop series held over multiple weeks. Click here for a resume of the trainer.

To bring the highly-rated “My Kids are Driving Me Crazy” workshop to your community of parents, contact us here.