Couples’ Counseling

It’s been said that the best way to take care of your children is first to take care of yourself, then take care of your intimate relationship with another adult, and THEN take care of your children. When you take care of yourself and truly learn to understand, accept and love yourself, you will then have the love and emotional energy to give your partner. And when you and your partner have a solid connection, you will have the emotional energy and communication skills to be the kind of parent you want to be.

Yet, when faced with the many challenges of our society and parenting a child, especially one who experienced trauma or neglect in early childhood, the pressures on couples can be extremely taxing.

We at House Calls Counseling are therefore committed to supporting couples. Our approach to working with couples is attachment-focused. While we address issues in the here-and-now, such as exploring communication skills and relationship patterns, we also recognize that couples all too often react to each other from places which unconsciously re-enact old wounds, even from childhood. And as healing occurs for couples, we find that they are able to achieve significantly greater success in the parenting of their children.