A Model for Treating Issues of Trauma and Attachment


DSCF1041You are invited to join Billy Kaplan, LCSW for an extended exploration of SPACE, a unique and proven model for helping children, adolescents, and families hindered by trauma and blocked by troubles with attachment. Billy, a nationally known speaker and clinician, is President & Clinical Director of House Calls Counseling, Chicagoland’s leading provider of psychotherapy for children and youth who experience problems related to early childhood trauma and disrupted attachment. Over the coming months he will be offering a biweekly series of seminars limited to eight participants. It will examine the nature of trauma and broken attachment, their impact on children and families, and their resolution through the SPACE model which combines several approaches to treatment.

During the seminars, Billy will draw upon his extensive training and experience to help clinicians understand the impact of trauma on a child’s brain and body, the child’s neurological responses to trauma, and the basic developmental stages that are often missed when trauma is present. Billy will also address the diagnosis of attachment-related problems by introducing participants to the attachment cycle and the difficulties that arise from absent, blocked, or insecure attachment.  He will present and demonstrate the foundations of treatment while detailing the elements of SPACE, which offers clinicians a number of proven, integrated therapeutic avenues and techniques.

The seminar series will also offer clinicians approaches to helping the parents of trauma- and attachment-disordered children. It will focus on providing them with safe, engaging, non-shaming experiences that will enlist them as therapeutic partners and teach them the basics of “therapeutic parenting,” a way of being with their children and changing their behavior without tantrums or conflict. It has been said that when treating children, parents are either at least 51% of the solution or 75% of the problem.


What others have said…

“Very thoughtful and well-informed presentation”
“Very personable – I could relate to the real-life experiences and dialogue”
“I really enjoyed Billy’s energy and style of presentation”

The seminars will be held every other Tuesday morning from 9:30 am to 12:300 am at the House Calls Counseling offices in Wilmette on four consecutive weeks. They will include material that Billy has presented at local, regional, and national workshops and conferences.  CEUs will be offered for Social Workers and Counselors.




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