If you wanted to ruin mother’s day for your mom, how could you do it?

May 7th, 2011

By Billy Kaplan, LCSW – HCC President & Clinical Director

In case you don’t hear it from your kid(s), thank you for being your kid’s mother. Really. What you do, just by being a mom, is extraordinary.

In the past, with some kids I’ve worked with, I’ve played a game before mother’s day called, “If-you-wanted-to-ruin-mother’s-day-for-your-mom-how-could-you-do-it?” I listen to them go through a list of things they could do, then, I get naughty and up the ante by suggesting even worse things.

Why do I do this?  One reason is to get those things out of their system, so maybe they won’t have to do them.

The other reason is my follow-up question: “if you were going to ruin your mother’s day for your mom, why?”

Now that is a real stumbling block for them.  I help them along if necessary: “Well, maybe you’d want to ruin mother’s day for any of these reasons:

  • You love your mom, and that makes you feel mean and disloyal to your birth mom, so you act up and are mean to your mom so your birth mom won’t be jealous;
  • You hate your mom, because she ‘stole’ you away from your birth mom;
  • You’re mad at your birth mom, because she got rid of you, so you’re sharing your anger with the only mom you know – your mom; and
  • You don’t want to give in to the corporate culture of Hallmark so you’re making the day un-special.”

Ok, maybe not the last one, that’s just my sarcasm.

I hope you had moments on Mother’s Day in which you felt the joy of being a loved mom.  Even if that love came from someone other than your kid, like me.