Not a Boring Conference

March 16th, 2011

Prepare for interactive fun with The Improv Playhouse!

We know how hard you’ve been working to bring healing to your kid(s); we respect that GREATLY.

Now… let us work hard for YOU!

As you probably know, our conference, “Parenting in SPACE: a journey toward therapeutic parenting,” is coming up April 2 & 3.  We wanted you to know that it’s not going to be one of those stuffy, boring conferences where you go from one dull lecturer to another.

Our conference will start with The Improv Playhouse getting us laughing (at ourselves and our kids) as we learn how the basic “rules” of improv are the core principals of therapeutic parenting.  In the middle of the conference, on Saturday night, we’ll join together for some “adult beverages” as we talk with Christine Moers, a bold, engaging therapeutic mom.  We’ll end the conference on Sunday learning to manage behavior in a “Fair but Firm” way with Jim Kling of Alternative Teaching.  And that’s just the beginning, middle and end of the conference – check out everything that will be happening in-between here!