Parenting in SPACE 2012 is only a few months away?

February 2nd, 2012

By Billy Kaplan, LCSW – HCC President & Clinical Director, and friend

Can you believe that Parenting in SPACE 2012 is only a few months away? I have been thinking about the event and the powerful moments we shared just eight short months ago – how time flies!!

And as I was reading over what some of last year’s participants said were some the highlights for them, I thought, “wow, this makes a good story.”  So I wove together what you all said into this little “tale” about the experience:

In the two days of the conference, “I felt for the first time that there were people who understood what our family deals with from day to day. My stories were not odd or shocking.”  When I think about what made it special, to be honest, I think, “what didn’t make it special?”  “[We] laughed till [we] cried and [we] cried till [we] laughed.” “I didn’t want it to end.”

“I realized, [from the conference] how [my children’s] experiences have truly shaped them and that healing takes time.”  I was reminded of “how our children process things, how very much they need understanding and empathy,” that I need to “…have more patience for them when they are speaking in behaviors” and to be more “accepting and compassionate towards our kids feelings.”

And though I “still get frustrated with them,” “I [now] have a greater degree of empathy for what they have experienced in their short lives and how damaging this has been for them. I don’t feel hopeless about their future and their ability to heal.” Because of this, “I am calmer, more patient, more willing to explore looking at things from different angles.” In the end, “the sense of community and connectedness that arose out of it was landmark to me… transformational and totally unexpected.”

If you are going to be joining us this year, we SO look forward to seeing you there.  If you haven’t yet decided, we hope this “tale” encourages you.

Finally, we also ask a favor: please think of the other parents you know, and their kids, who may benefit from attending this year’s conference, and forward this “tale” to them.  Please: pass along the healing of Parenting in SPACE to those who needs it most!