Parenting In Space Registration Is Open

October 5th, 2011

Last April we held a conference to help parents on their journey to be the therapeutic parents they want to be for their traumatized children. The conference was called Parenting in SPACE.  There were many highlights of the conference; yet foremost in my mind was the community that developed among the parents and staff of House Calls Counseling, a community now regularly gathering on in a Facebook group.

I am particularly pleased that registration is now open for Parenting in SPACE 2012!!!!  It will be held April 21 & 22, 2012 at the Morton Arboretum near Chicago, Illinois, and Christine Moers will hold a preconference Friday April 20, 2012.

As we have been planning for Parenting in SPACE 2012, we have specifically planned to promote parent communities and to offer more workshop options.  We’re planning on reviewing the basics (an Introduction to SPACE, the Foundations of Attachment, the Impact of Trauma on the Brain), as well as offering a wide variety of topics including an exploration of the many methods for treating traumatized children and youth, providing structure with behavioral management techniques, looking at the culture of adoption/family-of-origin issues, and workshops that are really designed to take care of you parents – yoga/relaxation and meditation (“meditate, don’t medicate” I like to say!).

Oh yeah, and did I mention that we’re planning on ending the conference with an open session we’re calling, “10,000 questions with Christine and Billy,” where you all just get to ask Christine Moers and me any questions you want to about therapeutic parenting, trauma, kids, etc.!!!

So… register today. Honestly, Christine Moer’s Pre-Conference is nearly sold out, and the main conference is almost 20% sold out – and registration has just opened!!!!