• 101 Reasons Not to Do Therapeutic Parenting - Christine Moers & Lindsay Crapo
    • (There are no handouts for this workshop)
  • Brokenness and Beauty - Carissa Woodyk
    • (There are no handouts for this workshop)
  • Don't Get Drawn In: Staying out of Power Struggles - John Roope
  • Empathy 101 - Billy Kaplan
  • Foundations of Attachment – Wendy Kovacs
  • ICARE: Helping Your Child Overcome ADHD - Rick Simon
  • Improve Your Couple Relationship to Help your Child: 3 Ways to Reduce Conflict and Strengthen Your Bond - Jeff Hickey
  • Introduction to SPACE - Billy Kaplan
  • Special Education Legal Update, and How to Move Away from Emotions and Effectively Advocate for Services for Your Child - Brooke Whitted
    • (Handouts will be distributed at the conference)
  • The Legacy of Attachment, Parts 1 & 2 - Karen Buckwalter
  • Welcome to the Basics of TBRI: Another Approach to Parenting - Marcia Rayn

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