Highlights from Prior Conferences

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  • “I’m thrilled that you did this for us and am really glad I got to come! It was more of a 101 than I was expecting!”
  • “Wonderful experience! Please do this event repeatedly and often! Great job!”
  • “The improv was a great way to open up and break the ice.”
  • “I totally enjoyed having the arboretum as the conference site.”
  • “What a blessing. I’m so grateful that Christine (Moers) convinced me to attend.”
  • “Awesome job. Keep up the good work, and thank you.”
  • “Everyone I talked to was nice.”
  • “The information given was very relevant to my needs. It was useful.”
  • “The presenters were all very good.”
  • “The topics chosen were what I needed.”
  • “Billy Kaplan is the bomb!”
  • “Thank you for being willing to share and listen!”
  • “Comments from (the) other parents were helpful.”
  • “Training was exceptionally well therapeutically, and gave foster parents a chance to participate and share quality not quantitative techniques to assist our children.”
  • “Such a personal approach!”
  • “My sessions were absolutely wonderful”
  • “I met a lot of nice people”
  • “Thank you for ‘getting’ us.”
  • “…so fun to watch!’
  • “The information was valuable, and so were the questions.”

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SPACE blew my mind

Sure, they are wonderful at therapeutic techniques, but by “amazing,” I mean fun and engaging and the kind of people you want to surround yourself with. They have a powerful and distinct energy.
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Post-Conference Processing

If I could describe my Parenting in SPACE conference experience in (many) one sentence(s) I would say…
We were already friends before we met.
They got me.
I laughed till I cried.
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RE-Entry, laying lowwwww

I got home from the Parenting in Space Conference at 10:00 last night. ….so your going to have to be patient with me as I put together all of the AWESOME things I learned into rational thought…
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I learned a trunk-load of awesomeness at The parenting in SPACE conference, a economy bus TRUNK LOAD, am I going to be able to apply everything,” I WISH, I HOPE, I WILL TRY, and I will fail, and I will TRY again”, cause that is the name of the dance called therapeutic parenting ….just in case you didn’t know.
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As mentioned, a few weeks ago Craig and I went to the Parenting in SPACE Conference in Chicago. It was phenomenal, and it is difficult to sort out all that happened. Quite honestly, the best thing was just being together with a whole group of parents who “get” it.
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