Reflections on Parenting in SPACE 2015

May 1st, 2015

By Billy Kaplan

This year, for some reason, in the weeks just before the Parenting in SPACE conference as we were making the final preparations, I got weighed-down by the details and, I’ll admit, downright grumpy! “Why am I working so hard?!” I thought.

At the conference, just before the break leading to dinner on Saturday, I looked around at the community of parents and professionals – and we HAD already become a community – and I turned to one of the House Calls Counseling staff and said, “See. THIS. This is why we worked so hard to put this on.” It was already obvious at that point in the conference that parents who started the conference feeling alone were feeling connected, and that others who came thinking about giving up were feeling a sense of hope. Truly, to be a part of peoples’ lives changing… it was fairly overwhelming and an immense honor!

Here is what some parents who went to the conference actually said about it:

  • “I have attended more conferences and seminars than I have gray hairs. This is one of the BEST I have ever been to.”
  • “I loved it! I hope to be back next year.”
  • “I was tired of people talking about the affects of vicarious trauma (in other conferences) – but could NOT ever tell you what to do or how to manage it. I FELT it; experienced and began to LEARN what self-care means and how to DO it!”
  • “PLEASE don’t stop doing this!”
  • “Great conference. Don’t change anything! I will try and spend more time on the Facebook group.”
  • “It was a good but very challenging experience.”

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share with you, for sharing with us your bravery and strength, and for such a FUN time!!!