Selfcare Through Mindfulness

September 10th, 2013

By:  Billy Kaplan

demanding mindfulness cartoonThe school year has begun…The end of summer.  Bummer, right?

I think about the week I went on vacation this year. Ten days with my family traveling around Michigan – watching the sunrise, riding go-carts, riding around an island on bicycles, BEING with my family.

And I admit it, I didn’t think about work or the lovely people that I am honored to help or work with. I let it all go: all the stress, all the thinking, and all the worrying.

I know, I get it…Those of you who have children or youth who are struggling don’t get to go on vacation where you get away from the stress, thinking, and worrying unless you go without them.

So… I’d like to propose for each of you a weekly or daily “vacation from your kids.” My dear friend, Christine Moers, turned me on to THIS website from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.  This site has the most lovely mindfulness meditations I have ever come across.

And you’re saying, “Right, Billy, like I have time for that!”

So I’ll challenge you: Really?  You don’t have three to nineteen minutes a week, or every couple of days, or once a day to take care of yourself? To quiet your mind and be present with yourself?

‘Cos to best care for our kids, to best encourage the healing in them we want, we deserve to take care of our SELVES. Actually, we need it. When we take a few minutes and listen to our breathing, we empty our minds, recognize our bodies, feel our feelings and are present with our moods. And then we are able to let them go, and we’re better able to be with our child(ren) and face our struggles with a renewed sense of hope and possibility.

So, give meditation a go. Click HERE and try the three-minute meditation.  I dare you! I double-dog dare you!