The Power of Movement in Healing

October 31st, 2012

Some parents have found positive changes in their children with Rhythmic Movement Training or Neurological Reorganization when feel that they have tried everything.

A child goes through a series of important stages in their first years of life to develop movement, reflexes, sensory connections, balance, and coordination which create the foundation for a child’s neurological functioning. If there is an interruption or injury during this time, a child may have a deficit that can affect their abilities.

Rhythmic Movement Training is a practice to help children develop their primitive reflexes, posture, balance, and coordination, using a series of simple movements from key stages of typical motor skill development. Neurological Reorganization is a thorough and lengthier therapy that also can address the root cause of difficulties.

With this wholistic and developmental approach, children are able access areas of their brains that had not fully developed, providing them with hope, healing, and empowerment in their relationships and at school. Many people have found improvement in their struggles in attachment disorder, ADHD, learning disabilities, anxiety, dyslexia, or other academic and attachment difficulties.

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A big thank you to Jan Mullens, LCSW, for the information about of Rhythmic Movement Therapy!