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people_afro-famHouse Calls Counseling recognizes that there is a great deal of misinformation, and a lack of good information, about attachment and trauma-related problems. We believe it is critically important to continue studying and learning about these problems, as well as to help promote an increased and accurate awareness of attachment- and trauma-related problems. We have therefore planned workshops throughout the Chicago area, which are listed below.

We also offer many training options for child welfare agencies, schools, spiritual communities and community organizations that want to bring our workshops to their location. Most workshops can be tailored to range from one hour to a full day. Participants of prior workshops have consistently provided the highest ratings available to our trainers. Copies of workshop evaluation summaries are available upon request.

Workshops for parents include:

Workshops for educators include:

  • Connecting the Disconnected: Treating Attachment-related Disorders
  • Working with Trauma Exposed Children in the Classroom
  • Children & Youth in Foster Care

Workshops for Clinicians include:

  • Connecting the Disconnected: Treating Attachment-related Problems
  • Father Involvement in Social Services

Our psychotherapists have presented workshops for the Cook County Juvenile Court Judges; Cook County Public Guardians; Kane County CASA workers; teachers of the Rockford, Illinois Early Childhood School District; NAEYC conferences; psychotherapists and parents at child welfare agencies; the Linzi Counseling Center in Shanghai, China, and many other locations.

The workshops explore the development of attachment disorder, the behavioral symptoms of youth with attachment disorder, the differentiation between attachment disorder and other childhood diagnoses, the methods for treating attachment and trauma-related disorders, and methods for parenting children with such problems.

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Training & Workshops

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