First Monday Attachment-Focused Support Groups for Parents and Children

parents talkingFirst Monday offers parents and their children unique opportunities to find support, build connection, learn and share their common experiences. Many of the families attending have children or youth who have been adopted. The two groups, one for parents and the other for young people 11-15 years old, will meet separately from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm on the first Monday of each month throughout the academic year. Meetings will be at the House Calls Counseling offices at 3330 Old Glenview Road, Suite 15, Wilmette, Illinois.

Parent Group

We understand how challenging it often is to raise children and teens, especially those with attachment- related concerns. Sometimes their behavior requires great skill in the art of parenting — if for no other reason than for parents and caregivers to maintain their own sanity.
The Attachment-focused Parent’s Group offers: • A safe environment guided by a knowledgeable, skilled therapist that allows parents and caregivers to share what they have experienced in caring for their child(ren); • A sounding board where parents and caregivers help each other deal with the frustrations and issues that arise from their children’s difficulties; • A networking experience with like-minded parents and caregivers that is a supportive resource outside of a clinical relationship; and • An attachment-focused, therapeutic parenting model based on Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy while providing Safety, Structure, Supervision, and Support.

Youth Group

Many children and teens who have been adopted or who may have attachment difficulties usually feel that they are “just like” others their age. But there can also be many times when they feel that they are somehow “very different.” It is almost as if they are alone among friends and classmates who simply cannot understand what is on their minds. This group for young people aged 11-15 is designed to bridge the gap by helping them to find understanding, support, and empathy in a place where all the participants share similar challenges and frustrations. Snacks and laughs are included.
This group will offer young people with opportunities to: • Come together under the guidance of skilled therapists to create and experience an atmosphere where they can feel safe, open, and understood; • Participate in conversations, games, and creative activities through which they can share and compare their thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and concerns; • Explore facets of their lives that are often troublesome and confusing: their histories, identities, families, friendships, successes, challenges, worries, and dreams; and • Find new words and ways to talk and interact with their parents, families, and friends about the things that concern them most.


Parent Group: $25.00 per session per adult Youth Group: $20 per session per youth. Young people participating in the Youth Group must have at least one adult present in the Parent Group. Pre-pay and Save: Register and pre-pay for four groups, and the fifth is free.

To join one of these groups, register HERE or call us at 847-256-2000.