TRAVEL LOG: Billy’s Adventures in China I

September 1st, 2009

By Billy Kaplan, LCSW
HCC President and Clinical Director

September 2009 – Before the Journey

I am deeply interested in rich communication with those I’m with, so as I begin to think about traveling to China with my wife in the middle of October, I wonder how, when we speak to people there, differences in tone, use of dynamics, rhythm, and facial expression may interfere with our connecting with them. I can imagine mistakes in communication. But as my wife said, “it’ll be OK.” She’s a more experienced traveler than I am, so that actually does increase my confidence.

We have been planning for the care of our children when we are away, and that makes me curious to learn of the lives of children there, especially those in pre-school and prior: How do they play? How are they taught? How are they cared for? I am confident our ways will have differences, from which we both can learn, and from what we have in common we both can simply enjoy.

I look forward to the images of China, in my mind and with a camera, of a rich and complex country with great natural beauty, glorious architecture, and a people I look forward to understanding far more than I do now. I anticipate experiencing their music, theatre and art. How these experiences inspire my own creativity I don’t know. That these experiences will inspire my creativity is sure.

I know, at least, I’ll be writing something in a future edition of this newsletter!